Give your house a new image.

Giving an impression of space and luminosity facilitates the sale of an apartment or a villa. An effective and inexpensive trick that requires little work. How does it work?

An unobstructed view : this assetthat facilitates both a sale also applies to the interior of a house. The more your villa or apartment conveys the impression of being spacious and bright, the more chances you will have of seducing your potential buyers.

From the color of the walls and floors to the storage of spaces, through the optimization of daylight and the management of artificial lighting, these seven tips will help you increase value to your property virtually without work and without costs. Your wallet is agredece and your house too!

Practical tips for visually expanding the divisions of your home:


  • Opt for white or a light color on the walls

A good layer of white on the walls! White reinforces the notion of space, while dark colors tend to crush volumes. Then, to absorb the light and to gain an inner grandeur, bet and get inspired in white and its variations: dirty white, cream, white with a slight color... but white!


Our advice: Use the same tone in all divisions to prevent your visitors' eyes from stumbling over possible visual splits created by color differences.

In other words: a single and same color for all the walls of your apartment or villa, if possible of light and bright tone, without ever forgetting that the ceiling should also be, it, even clearer, since this also increases the impression of height in a room.

  • The soil must be uniform

A homogeneous soil always gives a better impression of space extension. If you decide, for example, to place floating floor, it is preferable to do so throughout the house, not just in the rooms. It is proven that visually the same coating in all rooms certainly provides a continuity effect and, in turn, will give an impression of increased space.


Our advice: To optimize this optical illusion, opt for large modules, whether, floating floor blades, vinyl, or even tile slabs. (Roll vinyl flooring can also be a very economical and easy to apply option). These modules will certainly broaden your horizon, and even more if they are placed diagonally.

This intervention represents a reasonable investment, considering the benefit acquired by the visual effect of increase brought to your home.

  • The soil must be clear

Open a ticket and win a Free Pass! Keeping the ground unimpeded, unhindered, helps create the impression of enlarged space. So avoid overloading the rooms of your home, making it too "full".


Our advice: Choose furniture that has less impact on the ground, such as the shelves or units suspended on the wall and Optimize all the nooks and crannies of your apartment. All means are good for freeing the floor and you will be able to see that the visual effect is really very convincing.

  • Free up your home and let it breathe

Before accepting visitors to your apartment, you cannot escape the obligation to fix it. It is indispensable for your visitors to feel comfortable in your home.

Arrange, organize, sort and throw away or sell what you don't need, store what you want to store, but don't use it every day, in the attic or in the basement, but clear your home! Clothes, shoes, books, papers, cletins, trinkets... Nothing should escape the motto: "I keep only the essentials!"


Our advice: If you don't have any storage space to evacuate surplus furniture from your home, why not rent a temporarily closed box near your home? It will certainly cost you a small income, it is true, but this financial sacrifice will be very profitable at the time of visits.

  • Furniture should be proportional to the space

There is an important rule to follow: small spaces, small furniture. The furniture of your home should be proportional to its size. It does not fill your divisions too much; it is essential to keep some walls free, or at least lighter. Therefore, keep only the furniture of reasonable size, not too high, not too massive, nor too dark... Why? This will allow not to block the overview of space, significantly reducing the sensation of amplitude.

Our advice: The ideal is to ensure a certain harmony in the design,in the lines and colors of your furniture, which will always positively influence the overall impression of the space.

Also, think about the advantage of sliding doors in the apartments, especially the smaller ones, which thus allow to occupy much less space than the "classic" shuttle doors.

  • Long live the mirrors!

The magic effect of mirrors. They are undeniably the cheapest and smartest trick in the art of decoration, and also the easiest to implement to enlarge a room or a bedroom. It's just foolproof! And the effect can be further redoubled if they are placed in front of the openings (windows and windows doors...) or, then, near a light source.

Mirrors are a great help to give a sense of depth and breadth to a room, and to make the most of the daylight. So, let's hang them in your living room and bedrooms, in the bathrooms, and why not also in the kitchen!

Our advice: Don't limit yourself to a "small" view. Don't be afraid to bet on size. The larger the mirror, the greater the optical effect. Be, however, reasonable in the number of mirrors to be distributed throughout the house. Anything that's exaggerated can hurt.

  • The lighting that makes the difference

Lighting in a house should be well studied. Privilegiating points of light on the walls, with appliques, or on the ceiling, with scattered LED foci, will bring more light to your home. The choice of lamps here is also important as well as lamps, which should be the most suitable for the function and space for which they are intended, because it depends on the comfort and the involvement that is wanted in the different areas of the dwelling. Playing with the color and intensity of the lights – whites are suitable for activity zones and yellows for resting areas, and thus a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere can be created.

Our advice: To visually enlarge the space, forget the chandeliers too heavy and imposing that dominate the ceiling. Also abandon the hanging lamps that imradiate the light just down to a specific point, leaving the rest of the room in darkness.

In your living room, and even in the bedrooms, bet on lighter lamps with adjustable foci, or on wall appliques, which will propogar the light up and amplify the volumes.

In the kitchen and bathrooms, opt for light projectors on the ceiling, preferably waterproof, suitable for wetlands, and place a point of light oriented down above the mirror (from the Bathroom).