About us


Habitazza, Lda is a real estate company based in the Middle East Algarve more concrete in the Municipality of Lagos, with the purpose of ensuring a service of excellence to our customers.

Our products of excellence, such as Apartments or Villas, in highly differentiated locations make Habitazza, Lda a natural choice for those who are thinking of buying or selling real estate!

Habitazza, Lda is a company consisting of a team of professionals extremely dynamic and responsible, knowledgeable about the market and its real needs, supported by a permanent training system.


  • Habitazza, Lda's mission is to provide a service of excellence in the real estate market segment, based on extensive experience, tradition and technological innovation, respecting the highest standards of ethics, discretion and integrity, contributing to the well-being of our clients, finding the real estate solutions you are looking for.


  • Habitazza, Lda intends to grow in a sustained way, providing a service of excellence in real estate mediation of purchase and sale of real estate, rehabilitating and valuing Portuguese assets, with a particular focus on the Municipality of Lagos, creating equity value for our clients.


  • Service of excellence | Customer satisfaction | Commitment
  • Appreciation and respect for customers and employees | Discretion and integrity
  • Passion | Speed | Innovation | Ambition | Social and Environmental Responsibility