Want to value your property?

Want to value your property? What works should you do before you sell it?

Simple improvements, small renovations, locations, or even major interventions in order to achieve better performance, in accordance with the latest energy consumption standards... We've told you everything you need to know before venturing into this crucial stage before the sale.


OK ready, it's decided! He's determined to sell his house. The question now is whether you need to do any work before the operation. The idea here is to know what to do and at what price in order to sell quickly and well.

How to sell better and faster?

For most apartments or villas, small improvements before selling are always recommended. The goal: to meet the expectations of most potential buyers while maintaining the characteristics of your property. As? Retouch the décor and give your home a more modern look. Sometimes painting a wall can be enough to refresh the environment. Tidy up, organize, clean your house from top to bottom, without forgetting the windows and mirrors. Remove everything that is too personal and useless trinkets that fill your shelves and furniture, giving an appearance of being too "full". The aim is to give visitors a feeling of "well maintained" property, well maintained, and airy - enough to gain the trust of a potential buyer.

For example: the kitchen! The main division in a house! Especially for the woman, who spends a lot of time in this space for the making of family meals. They say it should be renewed every 5 years to always maintain the immaculate and, of course, functional appearance. So before you sell, consider adding a "new" touch to your kitchen. As? Just change for example the workbench: if it is those in formica, or pvc, replace it and choose a simple maintenance material, such as marble; Or paint the doors of your closets, if they are wooden, why not paint them blank? Helps make the space wider, the dining table can also be changed... and invest maybe in a beautiful modern refrigerator, american type, everyone likes big ones combined! There are so many options on the market these days, the hardest will be to choose. At IKEA, for example, find very original proposals at very competitive prices. It doesn't cost anything to change the kitchen anymore! And to add value to your home, it's really worth it. These investments considered reasonable will certainly help you modernize your kitchen at low cost.

Don't forget the exterior aspect of your property.

If you are selling a villa, keep in mind that its exterior (the garden, the terrace spaces, the swimming pool, the facades and the roof...) is as important as its interior and should not be overlooked. Yes, of course, because it's the first thing visitors see on arrival. It is these aspects that will forge your first impression, which is wanted good and favorable! The goal is to arouse interest and curiosity to come in to see the rest of the house. If, on arrival, the aspect is not the best, you can create an obstacle to continue the visit. Our advice: Try to keep the garden always cared for and beautiful, the pool clean and the whole structure in good condition... Cracks and crevices can scare away buyers... If so, ask for repair budgets and deduct the costs of the work at the sales price. The buyer will feel that he has had the honesty to take this aspect into consideration, and that he has anticipated, and will thus gain his trust. On the other hand, if it is only small cracks, give a new painting the facades. It will help to rejunevescer your villa that will stay as new! Of course, it will have expenses at the beginning, it may seem like a lot, but it is important to do these jobs, because they will help to sell, and the price you ask for it may also already consider the investment made in its improvement.


Think twice before venturing into a remodeling job.

The real question to ask before leaving for major works such as tearing down the wall between the kitchen and the living room, or removing a bathtub to install a shower is: "will my future buyers like these changes? Will they meet your needs?" Don't be hasto! Be careful and reflect well! Our advice: 9 out of 10 cases, the answer is no. These works may, unlike the others mentioned above, come out very expensive and will clearly be the reflection of your personal tastes. The family that is going to buy your home may prefer to keep the bath to bathe a small child for example. You may also prefer a closed kitchen, and independent, not communicating with the living room... Every one as they like best, as the good man said, when he kissed his cow! It is therefore to avoid going into large expenses if you are not sure to please your potential buyers. Yes, because completely renovating a kitchen and/or changing a bathroom may not compensate for the investment and cost you more than the money you will recover in the sale of the property. So leave it up to the family that you will want to buy your house. If you're interested, it's because you like the current configuration or the existing potential to do it to your own taste.

Give priority to the necessary, and truly necessary, touch-ups.

If your home sins in isolation, all potential buyers will rightly deduce that it consumes too much energy. Result? This weakness can be an obstacle to selling or at least be a negative factor that will influence the price drop. If so, we recommend that you do some work dedicated to isolation. The same is true of a faulty electrical installation, an old-fashioned gas connection, inadequate or non-existent ventilation.... Note: If the goal is to improve the energy efficiency of your property, any investment in this direction will be somehow profitable, because it would certainly greatly benefit the final selling price. Think of it as a guarantee. For, an excellent energy rated property (A) will sell, on average, more expensive than another with weaker performance (D). The energy label thus has, without any shadow of a doubt, much impact on the value of your home.