Why sell your property with Habitazza?

Most owners when it comes time to sell their property, they ask themselves: Do I do it on my own or look for an agency?

Selling a property is not as simple as selling any other item we have for sale. A person who does not act professionally in the middle, will encounter many operational, administrative and legal difficulties at the beginning, during and most of the time in the after-sales. At Habitazza you will find consultants with great professionalism and rigor that will assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that the process unfolds without any disorder for you. We then pass on some of the advantages we have in offering you.

1. Property valuation

Do you know for sure the value of your property? It is not an easy or elementary task even for a classified mediator, factors such as location, typology, property age, conservation status, average market price, type of demand in the area, etc. All these aspects will make a classified consultant give you a fair value for the sale of your property. This avoids speculative values by the seller because "I heard the neighbor say that one was once sold in that zone by X", "simulations of portals that do not reflect the real value of the property", summarizing the attraction for an out-of-the-real value is huge and later will lead to a smaller number of requests for visits, soon less will be the chances of realizing business.

2. Propagnada / Marketing / Qualification

Photographic reports, video, panoramic images, photo and video editing, etc. are some of the tools you will find in Habitazza. In any branch the "Marketing is the soul of the business" and with us your property will be raised to another level. Exposure in our physical store, our website and the largest online platforms will considerably increase the chances of achieving a business quickly and effectively.

3. Time and Availability

Habitazza does this planning for you. Avoid travel, loss of time, endless phone calls, etc. Our mission is to raise and advise at the time of the visit, unlocking possible resistance so that the sale is successful.

4. Our Network of Connections

Unlike a private seller, Habitazza has partnerships and a large network of contacts with other real estate agencies, which considerably increases the speed of the sale and subsequent completion of a business.

5. Price Trading

It is a matter in which you only gain from the intervention of a good professional and not by the owner himself. When a client has an interest in buying and the negotiation is done with the owner the focus of the conversation will be the price drop, counter-match request, etc. The Consultant acts as a "buffer" between the buyer client and the selling client, which allows to filter, separate emotions and articulate a more objective and rational negotiation.

6. Mediate

Only a good consultant can guarantee that all inconvinientes will be resolved. At Habitazza we have access to a large group of professionals from different areas (architects, builders, decorating professionals, lawyers, etc.), to help you in the most uncertain doubt. At Habitazza we're with you until the end.

7. After Sale

Another asset that Habitazza provides. Facilitate after-sales communication between the buyer and seller customer, finding solutions to any problems that may arise after the deed, thus contributing as a link of trust between both parties.

Do you still have any doubts about turning to us to sell your house? Contact us!